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Piano Lessons Gifted Program

Musically gifted students delight in learning the piano.  They are often eager to learn more and to practice more than their peers.  They are sensitive to sound, and are genuinely interested in working in detail to achieve a high standard of excellence.  

They are capable of accelerated progress, and benefit greatly from increased frequency of lessons.  At Sharp Music Academy, we suggest a program of two piano lessons and one theory lesson per week for the musically gifted child.  This ensures that they are progressing at a rate which would give them maximum opportunity to reach their potential.

The benefits of enrolling in the Gifted Program are many, including:

- Accelerated learning

- Deeper understanding of musical concepts

- Increased interest and satisfaction

- Opportunities to participate in both Local and International Piano Competitions

- Possibility of obtaining Music Scholarships at Private Schools

- Discounted tuition fees

If you feel that our Gifted Program may be suitable for your child, and are interested in learning more, please email [email protected] with your expression of interest.

Working with 8 year old Johnny on Negrimovski Orage (Storm) in preparation for his upcoming performance at Stage4Kids, Hamburg, Germany.

6 year old Savannah Li practising Midnight Rhapsody, by MElody Bober, for her upcoming trip to America to compete in the Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition

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Sharp Music Academy is located in the heart of Hurstville, at 39A Edgbaston Rd, Beverly Hills.  It is a short walk from Beverly Hills Public School, as well as from Hurstville Station.

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