16 Hodge St Hurstville
Phone: 02 8034 5340 

Sharp Music Academy

Bringing out the best in every student!

Sharp Music Academy offers high quality Piano and Music Theory lessons for students from Beverly Hills, Narwee, Riverwood, Hurstville and beyond

Welcome to Sharp Music Academy!  We are conveniently located at Beverly Hills, NSW, close to the train station and to Beverly Hills Public School.  We offer exceptional quality piano lessons that will bring out the best in every student!  Our music lessons cater to piano students of all levels, from Beginner to Diploma level students.  We also specialise in preparing students for their HSC Music examinations.  Whether you wish to sit for exams with the AMEB, IMEB, Trinity College, ABRSM, or simply want to learn for fun, we can ensure that your piano lessons will be tailored to your needs.  With our strong focus on developing an excellent playing technique in every student, lessons at Sharp Music Academy will provide you with the tools you need to really excel at playing the piano.  Our head teacher, Jackie Sharp, is the winner of the AMEB Shield (2009) for having achieved the highest results in AMEB examinations.  She is also the author of a number of Piano Technique and Sight Reading books which have been internationally acclaimed.  We use her books in our curriculum to achieve the best possible results with our students.

Our recent concert featuring the works of Alexander Peskanov guest starred the composer himself.  In a marathon 3 hour concert with no intermission, Sharp Music Academy students performed Australian Premiers of 21 piano concerto movements of Alexander Peskanov, accompanied by the composer, as well as numerous piano solos and duets.  What a memorable night with a truly inspirational composer and internationally acclaimed pianist!

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The early stages of learning to play the piano are of fundamental importance.  At Sharp Music Academy, lessons are fun, and students quickly develop a deep love of music.  At the same time, we set up the foundations for strong note reading skills, a relaxed, confident piano technique, and a thorough understanding of musical concepts.  Our beginner students achieve remarkable progress with loads of laughter!
After a few years of learning to play the piano, students enter into the Intermediate level of their piano studies.  These are very important years, as they determine a student's future pathway in music.  
At Sharp Music Academy, we nurture the love of music in our Intermediate level students, exposing them to a wide variety of musical styles.  At the same time, we work relentlessly with our students to ensure that they pass through these years without any gaps.  Their reading skills and their piano technique are the core foundations of their future piano studies, and we ensure that these skills are optimised in every single student.  This allows them to develop confidence and a sense of themselves as musicians and budding artists, ensuring lifelong love of the piano.
Studying the piano at Advanced level is a huge commitment!  
At Sharp Music Academy, we help our Advanced pianists through every step of this difficult, yet rewarding journey.  With a strong focus on Technique and Artistry, we guide them to perform even the most difficult of repertoire with confidence and fine musical interpretation.
Over the last four years, we have enjoyed 100% success rate amongst our AMus A candidates, including two Distinctions.
Many of our students have completed degrees in Music, and are now working as Professional Musicians.

What an honour for Sharp Music Academy students to perform live together with the composer, Alexander Peskanov!  Johnny Shen performs concerto 2, 2nd movement, with Alexander Peskanov.

Savannah Li performs Concerto 1 complete with Alexander Peskanov.

Happy 2017 from my wonderful little students Savannah, Ivy and Jennifer!!!!!!! 

7 year old Savannah Li dazzles at Carmel Klavier International Piano 

Competition for Young Artists!  Congratulations on winning 2nd Place!

How lovely to be recognised for teaching excellence in Carmel, Indiana!

Jackie Sharp talks about Shaping Phrases in Music

Gifted Program

Musically gifted students delight in learning the piano.  They are often eager to learn more and to practice more than their peers.  They are sensitive to sound, and are genuinely interested in working in detail to achieve a high standard of excellence.  

They are capable of accelerated progress, and benefit greatly from increased frequency of lessons.  At Sharp Music Academy, we suggest a program of two piano lessons and one theory lesson per week for the musically gifted child.  This ensures that they are progressing at a rate which would give them maximum opportunity to reach their potential.

The benefits of enrolling in the Gifted Program are many, including:

- Accelerated learning

- Deeper understanding of musical concepts

- Increased interest and satisfaction

- Opportunities to participate in both Local and International Piano Competitions

- Possibility of obtaining Music Scholarships at Private Schools

- Discounted tuition fees

If you feel that our Gifted Program may be suitable for your child, and are interested in learning more, please email [email protected] with your expression of interest.

8 year old Savannah showing that playing Czerny can be both fun and beautiful!

7 year old Johnny playing Passacaglia - Tribute to Gluck, by Alexander Peskanov

6 year old Johnny plays Malaguena.  Congratulations Johnny for receiving A+ for AMEB Preliminary Pianoforte and Grade 1 Piano for Leisure both on the same day!  What an achievement!!!

6 year old Savannah - Heller Op 46 no. 11     Ethan - Lento e pathetico - Clementi      Karen and Jackie playing   AMEB Grade 4                                                             AMEB Grade 7 A+                                              Schubert Fantasy at the HSC Trials

Barbara playing Beethoven Sonata Op 10 no 5

AMusA Distinction

Emma practising Russian Rag,                    Savannah playing Kabalevsky, Clowning      Ivy - 2nd movement 

by Elena Kats-Chernin  - AMusA   Pass                                                                                                                Kuhlau, Sonatina in C

Jessica - 1st movement from Haydn Sonata in B minor

AMusA Distinction

HSC Distinguished Achievers